I’m so glad you’re able to join me at the next Empowering YOU Mama Workshop.  Below you’ll find a summary of things you should bring with you and what you can expect!  If you have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email by pushing the button below.  


Empowering YOU Mama

A Workshop to empower mamas in pregnancy and into motherhood

Saturday April 30th | 1:00p – 3:00p | Nirmana Yoga Loft Bowmanville

I firmly believe that mamas need support from other mamas.  There was such a lack of updated, helpful information through my first pregnancy so I promised I would become a resource to provide information, resources & support.

There’s still a long way to go with properly supporting mamas on their journey and that is the whole purpose to this workshop.

If you or anyone you know could benefit from this workshop please join me!

Our Next Workshop Begins In:








Empowering You Mama

What to Expect

  • Breathing Techniques
  • Connecting to your Body & Baby
  • Ways to Advocate for You & Baby
  • Movement for Safety & Post Partum Rehab
  • Mindset shifts to Hold Your Power
  • Tips to Help Feel Your Best Through Your Journey

What to Bring

  • Water
  • Pen & Paper
  • Wear Comfortable, Moveable Clothing

Please reach out if you have any questions

What You’ll Learn


All mamas need support from other mamas. I promised I would become a supportive resource in my community.

Not only will I be here for support to provide information, resources and a safe space, but the support from all the mamas who attend is such an important piece.


Often mamas are unsure or concerned about movements, especially in exercise.

I’ll be going over daily, functional movements as well as modifications for common questions in exercise during pregnancy and postpartum.  This is helpful to ensure your body is in good alignment and function for well being and optimal recovery.



A big piece of this workshop is to empower you to advocate for yourself and your baby. You are always in control of your body and your baby. You know what is best!

Learning how to advocate for yourself and how to set yourself up with proper support can make or break your pregnancy and birth experience.